deathheads & dunces

milk smoked chocolate cigarettes. the slavemasters said it was illegal. sheila said, capsule “we’re all gonna die soon; the ocean’s gonna surround us and drown us.” why are the beautiful ones always the craziest? milk thought. sexbots were leaving him messages on his blog again. when i wished for comments, approved i never wanted these, he thought.

central nervous system excrement. tabby cat scurried from the bush, her hair was brown and gray. it’s another beautiful day, she said. when the humidity went away, it was just like californiat. october gust.

he floated weightless in the bay. les biches said that sharks swam in there. he didn’t care- the water was warm. sunshine crystal skeleton robots dance on the sand.
“the stars look like broken glass, Hepatitis
” alix gazed into new galaxies. we will dig into the future and find divine possibilities. the thread lies dead, hissing.

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