“we are the broken ones, but we can still fly,” jack whispered. there were webs across her eyes. sometimes the past would haunt her. he was turning into a new being before her, inexplicably ice cold and burning.

there were movies playing everywhere but they were boring to him now. he wanted to taste reality. he wanted to be there in the middle of it all, alive, electrified.

jack wanted to hang out with the scum of the earth, the bums, the downtrodden, the dirty whores, the junkies, the thieves, the murderers; those who really knew what it was like to live.

sheila wanted the deepest love- someone she could tell her deepest and darkest secrets to, who would still love her anyway. she didn’t feel beautiful, just average. there were so many other dark stars. she kissed forbidden lovers in the rain and thunder rumbled. “i want everything,” she told the sea. a turtle waved at her from the waves. it could be perceived as a cheerful greeting or an arm reaching out for help.

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