do or die

angelfucker rode to tin can alley on a unihorn, sickness porno jackzon. he had a long, white mane. while they were riding, porno told her, “the guys will get sick of you after they get what they want.” porno’s eyes were red like an albino’s.

dr. dumb was cutting again. he was emo, guyliner and manscaped. he had an addiction to popular fiction. reality tv emptied the levees. “it’s all about choice,” jack joyce told him. he has his psychiatrist. they believed in the power of the mind.

“when you wish upon a burning car, spin three times around and kiss the ground,” domina sang. she spit in her hand and mixed it with mud. guttural sounds came from her throat and the mud mixture became a baby homunculus. “welcome to the underground,” she kissed its tiny head.

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