Bollywood Freakz

Junk drank juice in the Garden of G-den. It was a bottle of Hypnolux Deluxe. It came in a large bottle with a logo of a bear’s foot on it. The shit tasted like Black Cherry Kool-Aid but it’d make you trip out in like six seconds.

The Goblin Girlz were dancing tonite. They had purple skin, clinic pierced nipples, jagged knives, prison tats and the ghettoest haircuts. Mohawks with runes carved into the skin. Those splendid bitches even had plugs in the backs of their necks. You could turn them on and stick the plug right in, making them fly high on the Extranet.

“You’re a kinky motherfucker,” Liz Lilly told Trash. Trash just slipped his fingers into her mouth. She sucked on them like dew drops. He was dressed in his blessed best- all white leather, straps and contraptions, swan’s feathers, ivory and fair weather. “Real men would kill for these thrills,” the computer spoke.

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