Mary, the Knight Rider

Trash walked through the hallway of the astral temple, online a pyramid in the scorching desert. The Emos were trying to break the door down again. He had a vision of Liz’s face floating above him. Her blond hair blew back in ringlets like starshine.

“I LOVE, I LOVE, I LOVE,” the computer was broken.
Mary watched the HypnoVision, try
it carried weary soldiers into her brain. They sipped champagne below arid valleys; buzzards bleating like electric sheep. The sun wove in lazy currents, carried by the wind.
Lady Scarlust ate diamond dust with Funfetti cake. The frosting was pink, like a newborn throwing a fit. The chandeliers had ears and something in the fluorescent lights swirled like liquid lightning.
Jack Scanlon danced in his striped suit, looking like an Egyptian prince. Flowers fell from the sky in pastel colors. Nobody knew where they came from.
Yuna played Uno beside the bar. Jack Black ate bacon, waffles and chicken. Tina was taught it mattered not what one said.

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